About Us

Through AVS Elevenplus, we offer an experience that spans over twenty years of working with children of primary school age, taking the eleven plus exams. We focus on maximising children’s chances of passing the eleven plus exams. With the help of our state-of-the-art study material, immediate trouble-shooting of individual areas of weakness and high standard of teaching, we aim to give children the best chance of attaining success.

We are fully aware of the academic demands eleven plus exams place on the children and do all that we can to support them in rising to meet these. To facilitate this aim, we have designed a step by step programme to teach children the skills required to pass the exam, all the while ensuring that we focus on each child with care and consideration. We take great pride in working with each child and guiding them through our programme. We are aware that prompt feedback is imperative and consult with the parents step by step to keep them fully aware of their child’s progress. 

We believe that your child’s success is our success and so we strive to achieve the best results possible.