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    • All course material provided in the classroom is copyrighted and under no circumstances are parents to reproduce, copy or transmit any part of these materials. Any person who does any unauthorised act may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages.

    • All fees, once paid towards the course are non-refundable.

    • If the payment is not received by the due date given in the calendar, the child will not be allowed entry into the classroom.

    • If you wish to withdraw your child, you will be required to provide a four-week notice, and you will be charged for these lessons.

    • AVS Elevenplus reserves the right to terminate any classes at any point in the course.

    • Abusive behaviour towards the staff by either the child or the parent will result in immediate termination of the contract and the child will be removed from the course.

    • Parents will be liable for the damage caused to the properties of the venue by either the child for the duration of which the child is NOT under the supervision of the tutor or themselves at any time.

    • Adherence to the rules for parking in the venue is the responsibility of the parents.

    • Kindly inform us via a separate email if your child has a medical requirement which could compromise their safety at any time.

    • Children are allowed to bring snacks and non-fizzy drinks to the lesson, however, they are advised to bring nut-free snacks as potential allergies need to be taken into consideration.

    • If the person picking up the child after the lesson is different from usual, parents are required to email us at the earliest. If, for any reason, there is an emergency on the day, then text us the details of the person picking the child up.

    • If the parent is not picking up the child themselves but wishes to receive feedback regarding the child’s performance in the lesson, kindly email us written permission to give feedback to the person collecting the child.

    • We recommend purchase of practice materials from other publications. The price of these materials is not included in our course price and the parents are expected to buy them separately.

    • If the child is unable to attend a lesson for any reason, they can attend the other lesson for that week. If this is not possible, then we will provide all the materials from the missed lesson in the following lesson, but you will still be liable to pay for that lesson.

    Please confirm that you have read our terms and conditions.