AVS is a team of highly qualified teachers with huge combined experience in delivering the 11+ results. My son joined in year 6 and with the correct guidance, study materials, study regime given by AVS, qualified for top schools i.e. Langley (Slough consortium) and Burnham (Bucks) Grammar school.AVS is very different to other tuition centres which are just money making institutions and do not provide the parental guidance etc. We always had personal attention from the tutors and timely guidance to alter the study patterns to achieve the results. The class size and the attention to detail from the tutors is next to none.In the process of qualifying the best available options for my son, we scanned through the leading tuition centre names within Berkshire and found them commercially orientated only, AVS stood out on the parameters of Strategy to grow your child's learning, material and reporting the feedback along with the tailored approach to individual needs.

We have highly recommended AVS to our friends and family and they are fully satisfied with the results too.

We wish AVS all the best !!!
Rahul Kansal
AVS prepared my son to the best of his ability and as a result he passed all the exams with very good scores. I think that their small classes and thorough guidance from AVS teachers was the key to his success. Thank You AVS!
Mrs Patil
My son completed his 11 Plus coaching with AVS 11 Plus and successfully passed the exam in 2019. The key strength of AVS 11 Plus is the small class strength enabling the tutors to deliver a focused lesson plan and ensure attention to every child so that no one is left behind. Excellent planning and candid feedback to the parents at the end of the lesson was vital in enhancing skills and enabling progress for all children. My son really developed a good rapport with the tutors and they were more than willing for him to stay back after class to work on any areas that he needs further assistance on. In our view, AVS 11 plus pushed my child’s capability to tackle difficult questions and improve time management skills for the exam. I feel their commitment and passion towards preparing every child to have the best chance in passing the exam was one of the key reason for my son’s success in the exams. I would definitely recommend them for any parent wanting the best for their child in their preparations for 11 plus exams.
Sanjay (Parent)
AVS has been instrumental in my daughter passing her 11+ exam. Regular feedback, assessment and 1:1 provision for any areas requiring improvement were invaluable during this process. Most of all, the quality of teaching from the teachers was outstanding. Homework was manageable with school work and activities. Having enrolled my elder child in a large centre, comparatively, I much preferred the AVS approach which treated my daughter as an individual, not just a number.
Mrs Marwaha
I liked AVS tuition because they provide alot of challenging work and they have encouraging teachers who push you to do your best. From my overall experience I recommend that you try AVS out before the 11 plus!
My experience at AVS Eleven plus was amazing. The teachers were really nice and comforting when I got questions wrong. My favourite subject was NVR as I love working with shapes. Overall it was a good experience for me.
I had a great experience at AVS, both teachers brought the best out of me and made learning fun and easy. I was able to feel much more confident with my 11+ exams and at the end of it, I got into the grammar school I was hoping for.
AVS Tutions helped me get the highest score in my school. Tutors helped me prepare well for this competitive exams and the skills learned from the course helped me even now with my school work. Thank you AVS
As parents we would highly recommend AVS tuition as they guided us very well to help our child prepare for the 11 plus. The tutors were very helpful and supported us to make sure our child reached his full potential. The work is structured well and we were regularly made aware of areas that required more focus. Thank you AVS!
Mrs & Mr Jaspal
Thank you Dr.Viji and Mrs.Nayar. I wouldn’t have passed the grammar tests without your help and support. I learnt a lot in such a short amount of time because of how well you both taught me. It was a great environment to learn in and I am so happy that I will be going to Tiffin. Thank you
Avi joined Reading School earlier this year and has moved to their boarding facilities .We cannot thank you both enough. He has achieved this because of your encouragement. He is very pleased with himself and this has been a massive confidence boost for him.
Anubhuti ( Parent )
I would also like to thank you for your support and guidance to the kids during this Covid 19 situation. As parents we really appreciate the fact that you have continued to teach the kids and have kept the classes going. In these times where the schools have closed down it is difficult to motivate them to do any kind of work. Kids lose interest in their studies very easily since there are no teachers to check on their progress.Having AVS classes on a weekly basis has kept some kind of routine going. It has made them responsible for their studies and completing their work in time. It gives them a sense of normality and responsibility which is needed so very much in these times. Once again I thank you and appreciate your dedication in keeping the classes running.
Mrs Cijo
AVS tuition helped bring the best out of our son and helped him to overcome the pressure of 11+ exams. The teaching at 11+ really improved his knowledge and made him feel confident of his ability, which in turn allowed him to get into both our and his desired grammar school.
Mrs Jadhav
My experience in AVS Elevenplus was very good and helped me through a lot of obstacles that were holding me back. The teachers were very supportive and because of them I gained more confidence in maths that I didn’t have before. I will never be able to thank them enough for all that they have done for me! Thank you so much Avs !
AVS led me to success in all of the 11+ exams. They have excellent teachers who helped me to consolidate and made the lessons more fun and engaging for us. Thank you AVS!
AVS was very good for me because I was a very shy person, unsure of myself, but the teachers gave me confidence in my own knowledge. They made me realise that I could pass and with their help I passed all the 11+ exams I took!! Thank you AVS
I looked forward to my class every week and also made friends with the other children. I found that the homework was not too much. Both the teachers made learning fun and I couldn’t have passes my 11+ without their help!